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Automatic swimming pool safety covers have recently changed the way people view the possible danger in owning a swimming pool. Many home owners want to put a pool in for family enjoyment, but many struggle with the potential risk of having a large standing body of water in the backyard.

pool safety cover

Eliminate standing water, stinky leaves and a potential danger all in one easy step. Mesh pool safety covers are the best and most affordable solution to one of the biggest dangers in owning a swimming pool.

Pool Safety Options

To offset the potential danger of swimming pools many devices like alarms, fences and covers have been employed over the years. Until the development of the automatic swimming pool safety cover there was no true way to protect the swimming pool area. Even fences are easily climbed by the smallest of children in mere seconds. Swimming pool water alarms are a novelty item and have very little functional usage. They are cheaply made and sound an alarm any time waves are detected in the pool, which includes windy days and ducks landing in the water.

A Turn-Key operating system

Automatic swimming pool safety covers provide a zero effort application that provides maximum protection for your pool area. A key operated switch controls the opening and closing of the pool to ensure that only the key holder can open the cover. The ease of operation also ensures that the pool cover is always closed when the pool is not in use. The very first generation of safety covers were a manual system that would take about one hour to install each time you used the pool. This spring loaded manual safety cover is a design better suited for winterization or longer periods of inactivity. If you intend to use your pool on a regular basis, and are searching for the safest possible swimming pool design to protect your family, an automatic pool safety cover is the perfect solution.

pool mesh safety cover

Used primarily as a pool winter cover the safety covers are economic as well as cosmetically pleasing - especially by comparison to other pool cover options.

Pool Safety Cover Cost

Well, look at it this way - how much does NOT having a safety cover cost? As a swimming pool contractor with over 17 years trade experience I can confidently say that if you can not afford an automatic swimming pool safety cover, you can not afford a swimming pool. More so than just a good idea, an automatic swimming pool safety cover will increase the market value of your home, increase the effeciency of operating your pool, and dramatically reduce the dangers of owning a swimming pool. Swimming pool safety covers should be manditory for all swimming pools as a precautionary protection measure for children, pets and animals as well as guarding against accidents. The 90% increase in operating efficiency of your pool is simply a bonus.

A Startling Fact

More childre are killed every year by swimming pools than by hand guns. An automatic swimming pool safety cover eliminates your constant worry about the pool. Closed and locked out, the safety cover has more than enough strength to support the entire family at once, even the family minivan. With this level of protection and the inherent dead-simple ease of use, every swimming pool should be covered.

Get Your Pool Cover For Free!

It's true. An automatic swimming pool safety cover will increase the heat retention, and limit evaporation and chemical by as much as 90%. The cost savings from this over the lifetime of the Cover will easily pay for the installation costs. Considering that in the long run the cost will be the same, would you not rather have a hard line of protection for your family? Pool covers are also environmentally friendly vastly reducing the amount of heat loss, chemical and water usage. Quite simply - every new swimming pool should have an automatic pool safety cover.

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Pool Winter Covers

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